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Some Examples of our Garden Planters and Raised Beds

40 ltr 900x300x140mm £50 ea (excl delivery)


75 ltr 900x300x280mm £70 ea (excl delivery)


110 ltr 900x300x420mm £90 ea (excl delivery)

35ltr 600x400x140mm £50 ea (excl delivery)


65ltr 600x400x280mm £60 ea (excl delivery)


100ltr 600x400x420mm £80 ea (excl delivery)

200ltr 1200x1200x140mm £160 ea (excl delivery)


400ltr 1200x1200x280mm £200 ea (excl delivery)


600ltr 1200x1200x420mm £240 ea (excl delivery)